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Landscaped garden with cobbled driveway, water feature & structural sculptures

This is a project we enjoyed immensely. The design of the garden gave way to elements of intrigue and surprise. The client would be guaranteed a garden filled with peace and tranquillity but they would never suffer from boredom.

A cobbled driveway, built with sandstone cobbles, sweeps along the front of the property. The same cobbles are placed in a circular pattern to create a specific area at the front left hand side of the property. 

A curved walled border slowly rises to the next level where the rest of the garden awaits. A contemporary pathway has been constructed using railway sleepers and the gravel insets have been filled with limestone chippings.

The pathway then leads to the fabulous raised pool. This square pool is built from sandstone with flat limestone edging to form an outer lid. A solitary silver spherical ornament floats freely across the water. The water flows down from the pool into a rectangular rill, edged with smooth limestone pavers, which, also feature along the run of the rill. Vertical sleepers mingle with soft planting to add structure and definition.

The clients were very pleased with the end result and so were we!

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