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Landscaped garden with patio sections and pathway

The main aim of this project was to overcome the split level nature of the garden, currently being handled by a steeply sloping lawn. The client was looking for an attractive low maintenance garden. They were keen to make the most of the evening sun so wanted an area for relaxation towards the bottom of the garden.

The garden was cleared and earth removed from the furthest side. This right side of the garden was then levelled out where a separate raised patio was created towards the bottom of the garden. Thus allowing the client to enjoy a glass of wine or two as the sun began to set! A terraced pathway was built, leading from the 2nd patio back to the main paved area outside the house. The remaining lawn area was shaped and edged with sawn railway sleepers. These were concreted into the ground providing a retaining structure which also helped to level the lawn. The planting of a variety of plants completed the look.

The contrasting heights of the patios and pathway add interest and depth to the garden. The curving lawn goes to soften the harder edges of the path and the family have a choice of areas in which to relax.

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